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Shepherd’s Center offers Family Wellness Presentations

In its ongoing work to provide continuing education and support for older adults, the Shepherd’s Center of Greater Winston-Salem will begin offering presentations on family wellness. Interactive sessions dealing with family conflict, communication, growth and health will be offered at the center on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month, beginning May 11, from 7-8:30 p.m.

The sessions will be led by Dr. Mike Simpson, retired pastor and nationally known consultant who has worked with troubled families and individuals for more than thirty-five years. Dr. Simpson is the author of the recently published book Fix Your Family, which is a light-hearted manual intended to help the average person deal with and overcome conflict and chronic problems in relationships.

Though each bi-weekly presentation will focus on a different topic, participants will be encouraged to share examples of challenging family issues they have heard about or personally experienced. The goal of each session is to empower participants to see relationship issues in new ways and gain truly effective tools for overcoming problems.

As described by Dr. Simpson, the basic underlying method of dealing with family conflict that will be shared comes from a mental health model called “Family Systems” that emerged in the years following World War II as family therapy was being researched for the first time.

“Family Systems originated with Dr. Murray Bowen,” Dr. Simpson said. “He was an Army surgeon who became a psychiatrist after the war in order to help people who were suffering from PTSD. Pretty quickly he discovered that the mental health of every person—even the most emotionally troubled—is caught up in the emotional state of our families. Bowen began to hospitalize the entire families of troubled patients and work with them. He discovered a completely unique and very effective way of bringing wholeness to families with problems.”

Dr. Simpson went on to explain that Dr. Bowen’s research revealed a number of surprising, helpful insights that can be used to understand and also to heal and strengthen any family.

“Perhaps what I find most exciting about Family Systems,” he said, “is that its insights can help anyone understand his or her family very clearly, and it also gives a person the tools to make real lasting change in family relationships. Family Systems is not about sending a troubled person for medication or countless years of talking to a therapist. It’s about enabling people in a family to make lasting changes that lead to new awareness, reconnection, healing, joy and growth. With Family Systems, these things are contagious. Whole families can be transformed.”

Attendance at and participation in the sessions is free of charge. Donations are accepted. Registration is requested; call the Shepherd’s Center at (336) 748-0217. For more information about Family Systems or Dr. Mike Simpson, call (336) 257-9276 or go the website fixyourfamily.org.


May Fix Your Family with Dr. Mike Simpson

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