• February 24, 2021
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RJR A Cappella Jams Their 15th Year

Helping Food Insecure Children in W-S

February 24, 2021 – HOPE of Winston-Salem is excited to be part of RJR A Cappella Jam on February 27th, a Virtual Experience for viewers to enjoy an evening of talented A Cappella Aficionados.  Each year RJRAC supports nonprofit efforts in the community. This year they will be helping HOPE drive nutritious, filling, healthy meals weekly to children and produce to parents in food deserts (right here in W-S). Last year, RJR raised over $7,000 for Kaleideum, a local learning and science center. Although this Saturday 2/27 will be a virtual event, we look forward to people tuning in from home and those with kiddos, watching HS schoolers singing their hearts out to help feed children.

HOPE of WS procures, preps, and delivers over 1,200+ nutritious meals to children and 1,500 lbs. of produce to parents each weekend- the equivalent of $10=10 meals. The funds stay local as the need is local. All donations will help HOPE provide more healthy meals and lots of locally sourced produce into neighborhoods, where healthy food sources are not available, affordable with limited transportation resources. Kids will be able to start the learning week with a sharp mind, full belly and better health and wellness.

Information for the February 27th 7:00 pm Virtual RJR A Cappella Jam here:

·         The Virtual A Cappella Jam is free. Here is the Program

·         To donate for HOPE of WS ($10= 10 nutritious meals):

o   Suggested Donations (Starting at $10 per ticket)

§  If not a student, please put your own name and phone number in Student name/ID Spaces

The RJR A Cappella groups performing include: Fellas; Syncopate; X; Trebellious; Treble Attraction; Winpipes; Golden Girls; Maroon 13. Also if you go to Sutton Cares- Vote for RJR A Cappella, you will be helping fund the Jam (and helping RJR A Cappella donate more to HOPE of WS)!

“We are so thankful to be chosen by RJR HS as they will be helping feed so many children who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Young adults helping to curb food insecurity and feed children in our community is an amazing gift and we are grateful. The children we serve each weekend will be thankful when we see their smiles!” – Scott Best, Executive Director

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