Advertising on WTOB 980AM & FM 96.3 is easy!

1. Send an email to winstonsalemgoodguys@gmail.com
2. Our Sales Manager will call you to discuss an advertising strategy that targets your customers within a budget you can afford. We have advertising packages for businesses of all sizes.
3. Our team will write ad copy and get your approval.
4. Our team will record the ad. If you’d like, we can even play it for you before it hits the air.
5. Then your advertisements are played on WTOB 980AM and FM 96.3 as well as worldwide via streaming to a computer and portable devices. (We have apps for iPhone and Android.)
6. For an additional fee, we can broadcast from your business, place ads on our website, and/or include an ad in our station newsletter which is emailed to our listeners.

Not sure yet? Then please read on.

Why Radio? Why WTOB 980AM & FM 96.3?


  • You love the Classic Hits and so does our audience. They want to support the businesses that support their radio station.
  • The average person listens to about 20 hours of Radio each week.
  • According to Radar, nearly 75% of us listen to the radio every day.
  • We go where your customers are: from backyard BBQs and Classic Car Cruise-Ins to US 52, I-40, and Salem Parkway to office cubicles.
  • Radio reaches people close to the time they’re planning to buy something. For example, if you are a grocer, we are the medium people listen to when they are making decisions about what is for dinner – as they drive home from work.
  • Radio is intimate. WTOB 980AM & FM 96.3 is one of the few live and local radio stations in the Triad. Our announcers aren’t in Dallas. They are local people that understand your customers’ needs. Radio’s “theater of the mind” can create emotional scenarios that help your message resonate with listeners.
  • Radio costs less than other media.
  • When you buy TV or billboard, you have to pay production fees. There’s no extra fee with our affordable packages.
  • Radio is nimble. We can respond to your needs much faster than newspapers.  It’s easy and quick for us to change your advertising message.
  • You can feel good about advertising with us. When you advertise on WTOB 980AM & FM 96.3, you not only promote your business – you also support a station with a serious community involvement. Every day, we help non-profits promote their events.
  • Certainly you could advertise on a regional FM station but consider this. Those stations advertising rates are often 10 to 15 times more than what you’ll pay for an ad on WTOB 980AM & FM 96.3. Plus most of the people listening to those stations probably aren’t in your company’s primary service area. WTOB 980AM & FM 96.3 reaches well beyond the immediate Piedmont/Triad but we don’t try to be a regional station. Our focus is primarily on Winston-Salem and secondarily to the rest of the Piedmont/Triad.

To find out how to put the power of WTOB 980AM & FM 96.3 to work for your business, email our Sales Team at winstonsalemgoodguys@gmail.com or call 336-723-0098.


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